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Complaint Management Software

Customer Complaint Management to gain loyalty and increase retention.
Customer service and complaint handling are an integral part of any organization in order to gain customer loyalty and increase the retention of customer resulting in repeated business from the customer which is one of the key objectives of any business organization. By having Improsys web based complaint management systems implemented, businesses can use the information captured to make process improvements and give better service to thier clients. Improsys complaint management systems lets you gather all your customer complaints from email, phone, whatsapp, messages, portals into one common system where you can categorize, assign, analyze and resolve all these complaints with ease.

complaint management software in india

Customer complaint management Software provides you a robust complaint management section where you can put all the queries of a particular customer, can classify them on the basis of severity, their occurrence, their importance and then record all the comprehensive solutions in your database for post analysis. Online customer complaint system and service contacts are an opportunity to show your clients how important they are. If you exceed their expectations they will be loyal customers for years to come. Customer complaint management software allow entry, tracking, recording and recalling customer contact history to better customer experience and customer complaint handling.
This modular systemis based on well-defined framework consisting of five main modules named Public Interface, Complaint Handling, MIS, User Management and Disaster Recovery.

Complaint Management Software Workflow

 complaint-management software

Complaint Registration


Complaint Allocation


Complaint Resolved


Customer Feedback

Benefits of Complaint Management Software


Record every complaint.

(Complaint Register)


Consolidated history of complaints.

(Complaint Dashboard - 8D Analysis)


Progress notifications to customers

(Email / SMS / WhatsApp)


Omni-channel integration

(Website / ERP Software / Portal)


Improvement in Operations

(Horizontal Deployment)


Complaint Analysis for corrective

preventive actions (CAPA)

Resource Management

Better Resource Management

(Integration with Task Management)


Improve Customer Satisfaction

(Customer Feedback)

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Problem vs Improsys Solution

Lack of an omnichannel support


Convert complaints across channels into tickets. Manage issues reported through email, phone, chat, or social media, without leaving the comfort of your helpdesk.

Communication Gap between internal teams.


Your executives can loop in other internal teams right within the ticket, and ensure there are no lapses in communication before responding to customers.

Customer is unaware about his complaints status.


Customer will now get notifications via Email / SMS / WhatsApp about the status of their complaint. They can even track thier complaint through the comprehensive dashboard provided.

No action taken on customer feedback.


Based on customer feedback, managers can plan for corrective and preventive actions across the teams in order to prevent the occurance of the same event.

Measuring performance of team is difficult.


Improsys Complaint Management Softwares in-depth reports give you detailed insights into how well your support team is performing. Managers will be able to increase individual accountability, and also spot bottlenecks that are hampering the efficiency of the support processes.

Complaint Management Software - 8D Analysis


Registration and Team Allocation


Problem Description


Containment Action

 Root-cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

 verification and Validation

Verification and Validation


Potential Corrective Actions


Preventive Actions


Lessons Learned


Customer Feedback


CAPA Compliance


Horizontal Deployment


Management Reports

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