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Audit Management Software

The Audit Management software module in improsys supports the entire internal audit process of audit management in your organization in a powerful and transparent workflow. Any compliance requirement, internal system or external protocol can be reflected in the audit software system. It offers a smart workflow through an interactive process for top-down planning and approval and bottom-up verification and control.

Support the entire internal audit management process:

  • Audit management software supporting transparent workflow for planning, approvals, verification, and control.
  • Ownership identification and corrective action management.
  • Automatic notification of planned activities and reminders of due dates and deadlines.
  • Standard protocol identification in accordance with ISO 9000 and 14000 standards and support of internal requirements identification.
  • Effective communication of findings and observations within the audit software system.

audit management software

Audit Management Software Type


Customer Audit


Supplier Audit


Internal Audit


Process Audit


Product Audit

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Audit Management Software Features

 improve efficiency icon

Streamlines governance processes and improve efficiency by having consistency in all aspects of the audit management lifecycle

support-implementation icon

Will Improves current management system, and support timely implementations

dashboard-and-reports icon

With dashboards and reports, managers can identify trends and provide warning of non-conforming and potentially costly failures of management systems.

mobile Competenacy icon

Makes it quick and easy to collect, capture in both online and offline mode

 improve-productivity icon

Improves productivity and accountability of service managers, business managers and auditors

risk-and-cost icon

Decrease operational and administrative costs and risk

business-managers icon

Audit and business managers will have business or portfolio wide visibility of key critical informations

Effective-audit icon

Effective audit management software for streamlining identification, verification, and implementation of action plans and improvement initiatives

ISO 9000

Requirements from recognized standards such as ISO 9000 and 14000 series are integrated

customer-specific icon

Allows tailoring of customer-specific preferences within audit management software

follow-up-audits icon

Different case types for planning, execution, and follow-up of audits

searches-and-report icon

Flexible searches and report generation provided by the software module

Problem vs Improsys Solution

Employees identified as auditor might not fit into required criteria


Auditor qualification. Only allows qualified auditors to be planned for a particular audit type.

Extra Manpower for Data Management


Import facility from excel for creating dynamic check sheets

Improper Audit Planning


Intuitive and Calendar view for audit planning for admins in order to plan and schedule the audits

Difficulty in accessing past database


Retrieve past audit data within minutes from web portal anytime.

Detailed reporting preparation adding to non-productive time and mistakes.


Detailed and accurate audit report generation within minutes

Lack of monitoring of NC’s and verifications


NC follow-up dashboard and notifications via email / sms / WhatsApp to respective contacts for follow-up of NC

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Audit Management Software Benefits

Enables systematic and workflow driven audit processes across the enterprise with standardized data collection to eliminate audit errors and inconsistencies

Facilitates a closed-loop audit cycle for recording findings, developing recommendations, and implementing action plans

Provides complete visibility into audit processes and metrics for better risk management and assured compliance

Strengthens the efficiency of the audit staff, enabling them to be focused on value-oriented functions such as analyzing and recognizing trends in the audit data

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