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                                    Barcode Software:

    1.   Improsys�s Barcoding software is user friendly and very easy to use.

    2.   Barcode software by Improsys Pune can be operated with or without internet depending upon the type of installation.

    3.   Improsys�s Barcoding Software is easy to configure and install.

    4.   Barcode Software by Improsys Pune can be installed on computer or laptop so that user can operate it with internet or with laptop.

    5.   Improsys�s Barcoding software has facility to add, view items using barcode scanning.

    6.   Barcode software by Improsys Pune has facility to create pallets or packets by scanning. 

    7.   Bar coding software by Improsys Pune has facility to transfer packets or pallets from one location to other.

    8.   Improsys�s bar coding software has facility to store, transfer or dispatch pallets or packets using barcode scanning.

    9.   Bar coding software by Improsys Pune has facility to generate barcode slips on creation of pallets or packets.

    10. Improsys�s barcoding software has facility to generate and print bar code for an item.

    11.  Barcoding software by Improsys Pune has facility to view packet or pallet wise report.

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System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Server.
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0.
  • IIS Server 5.1
  • Microsoft Office 2000 (or higher)/ SQL Server 2000.
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.
  • Pentium IV (or higher).
  • RAM 2048 MB
  • Graphic 1024768/True color(24-bit).

Network Configuration:

         Internet Connectivity 256 KBPS       Broadband/
         Lease line (Depending on Number of    Users)

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