Customer Relationship Management software from Improsys

Definition of Small Business CRM

As a small business, your priority is customers. Managing information about your leads and contacts used to be easy. As you grow more, generate more leads, close more deals, and build more relationships, spreadsheets, sticky notes, and word documents just aren't cut out for the task.

CRM for small business is a simple piece of software designed specifically for growing businesses to organize and maintain customer data in a single location with ease. Unlike clunky enterprise CRM solutions built for larger businesses, small business CRM is simple, pocket-friendly, and easy to set up and use. Improsys CRM is with just the right features for small businesses and available at an affordable price.

How can CRM work for small business ?

While many consider that CRM systems are only effective for larger enterprises with big teams to handle implementation, updates, reporting and analysis, there are actually small business CRM systems available which, while being less complex, are designed to effectively manage the core facets required of smaller businesses. In fact, CRM is invaluable for smaller businesses in that it allows them to run larger operations without the need for extra personnel. In particular, CRM offers effective solutions for wholesale, distribution and manufacturing and can cover:

Lead Management
Sales Pipeline
Sales Targets
Pending Payments
Daily Task Management
Daily Reporting

Improsys CRM Key Differentiators

Centralised Data Visibility
Can be used from mobile
Customizable and Scalable