Online 5S Training

Program Overview:
One of the important approaches in journey of continuous improvement is '5S'. 5S represents systematic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of business.
Lean manufacturing is the production of goods using less of everything compared to traditional mass production: less waste, human effort, manufacturing space, investment in tools, inventory, and engineering time to develop a new product.
5S program focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization.
Our approach to developing Kaizen is based on an Action Learning Model.
This model combines online instruction with real-time project implementation and training.
The course-training syllabus of 5S is designed to achieve real time Improvements, Cost reduction, Quality improvements in Processes.

Course Content:
Topic 1. Methodology and Tools in 5S.
Objective: For Productivity Improvement at workstations.

Topic 2. Tools & Techniques: Sort.
Objective: Objective: For Identifying Scope of Workplace Improvement.

Topic 3: Tools & Techniques: Set in Order.
Objective: For Workplace Improvement.

Topic 4: Tools & Techniques: Shine.
Objective: For Design of Workplace to suit Business requirements.

Topic 5: Tools & Techniques: Standardize.
Objective: To design Operating Systems workable in all business conditions

Topic 6: Tools & Techniques: Sustain.
Objective: To practice Operating Systems in day today work activities.

Topic 7: Problem solving Tools.
Objective: For result oriented implementation of 5S
Online Final Examination.
Two Practical Project Assignments.


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