ERP In Pune By Improsys - We are ERP Software Company in Pune

We are a Pune based ERP Software Company. Our ERP Software Solution is specifically developed for small Manufacturing Companies. ERP Modules in our software include Sales Order Recording, Calculation of Purchase Requirements, Generation of Purchase Orders and Production Orders, etc.
You can record GRN, Inspection, Issue to Production against Production Orders, Production against Production Orders, Invoicing, Tracking of Receivables and Payable, Customer Feedback Recording, Finance etc. Our ERP Software in Pune can be your best tool for business management.

What is ERP Software ?

Enterprise resource planning is a business management system that integrates all facts of the business, including manufacturing, sales, planning and marketing. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments particular needs. ERP helps employees do their jobs more efficiently.

ERP In Pune by Improsys - Modules in ERP Software

Sales Module
Bill Of Material Module
Planning Module
Purchase Module
Stores Module
Inventory Module
Production Module
HRMS Module
Finance Module

Production Planning, Purchase Planning - Available with Improsys ERP Software

With Improsys ERP Software you can Calculate Purchase Requirements.
Production Plan for Inhouse Production.
Inhouse production orders based on Inhouse Production Plan.
Purchase Orders for production at Sub-Contractors.
Purchase Order or material suppliers considering Minimum Levels, Stock-in-Hand, Orders Already Issued.

Improsys ERP Software has excellent Invoicing Features

Auto consider rates as mentioned in the customers order at the time of preparing invoice.
While Invoicing, due date based on partys credit period, rates of items considering customerwise and quantity, applicable taxes etc.
Stop Purchase Order if Credit Limit exceeds than allocated budget.
Manage Customer-wise / Item wise different prices for every item.

Key Features of ERP Software by Improsys

Improsys ERP Software can Manage: BOMs, Alternate BOMs, BOMs as per customer requirements.
Management of Multiple Warehouses.
MRP - Material Purchase Requirements Calculation.
Management reports like Stock Reports, Accounts Reports, Prchase Reports.
Unlimited Party Creation and Item Creation.
Item selection in invoices and in other documents by Code as well as Name.
Improsys ERP Software provides Printable Formats of Invoices, PO's, Proforma Invoices, Quotatations, GRNs, Sales Orders etc.
Improsys ERP Software can anytime generate Lists of Accounts Receivable / Payable etc.
To easily view the reports Improsys ERP provides facility to view Summary / Detailed reports of the data..

Improsys ERP Software has good options for Printing of Formats

Tax Invoices.
Purchase Orders to vendors.
Proforma Invoices.
Sales / Customer Orders.
With Improsys ERP Solution you can configure the printing of the above document on Letterhead / Logos with adjusted font sizes.
Improsys ERP supports printing of Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Receipts and Payment Vouchers.

ERP Software with CRM - Pre-Sales Enquiry and Followup Management

Improsys ERP Software has integrated CRM and you can manage Customer Enquiries and Follow-ups.
Separate followup schedule management of each marketing executive.
Improsys ERP Supports Recording of all enquiry followup data.
Send quotations to customers by email, printing quotations.
Analyse the Closed Enquiry.

ERP Software with CRM by Improsys - Post Sales Service Calls and Recovery

With Built-in CRM module of Improsys ERP Software you can manage Installation Reports and Products Installations / Sales Data.
With Improsys ERP-CRM you can manage Service Calls and Customer Complaints by providing unique id to each customer complaint.
Management up to complete resolution of each customer call. Assign Customer Complaints to Service Engineers.
Service Reports, Visit Reports Entry by service engineers against a service call.
Improsys ERP system helps you manage Customer Feedback after service call resolution related to service visits.

ERP In Pune Based on Web-Based Technologies

Improsys Pune also has Web-Based, Cloud ERP Software - ERP Software, no matter which you use, has to take care of your data. Business data is crucial. Smooth function of your daily business depends upon software support. Today, no one can afford software or data corruption due to viruses, power failure, hardware failure, or you forget to take backup. ERP Software in Pune, from Improsys takes care of exactly these things, where you need "service" and protection from these unseen problems and costs that can stop you from working.

ERP In Pune - ERP Implementation and Consultancy

Improsys Pune also provides Implementation of ERP Software. Our ERP Training in Pune includes Accounting, Inventory, Production, Managing Multiple Warehouses, Sub-Contracting, CRM, Payrolls, Purchase, Order Processing, etc.

ERP In Pune - Low Cost Mini ERP for Small Business

Improsys Mini ERP Software in Pune is ERP Solution for Small business. Though it is ERP for small business it has powerful features, tight integrity between the modules and business processes to manage your business operations with accuracy and simplicity. ERP Software Developed by Improsys Pune is a low cost ERP Solution and is affordable for small manufacturing companies. Even for the web-based online cloud option the cost is much low so that a typical small business will afford to implement it.

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