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CRM Software Systems are very essential for Success as well as General Day to Day Management of any company. Keeping proper records required and having a system in place for Customer Relationship Management increases not only sales, performance and profits of a company but also image and goodwill of a company in the eyes of customers as well as general public.
Customized CRM Software can extend itself to manage every aspect of your business and can cover your complete business management process. Such CRM Software can provide smooth functioning of your business and can eliminate wastages of man hours, money and can bring automation and overall simplicity and improvements in the busines processes.

Improsys CRM Software - Manage Leads and Enquiry

Manage your leads / business opportunities received from various sources.
Convert a verified lead with full information to valid enquiries.

Improsys CRM Software Pre-Sales - Manage Enquiries, Followup, Quotations etc.

Manage Customer Enquiries and Follow-ups schedule.
Get followup schedule and work accordingly and record all the communication with the customers, so the history is maintained.
It provides you analysis of Leads Data based on various criteria, which is almost impossible to do manually.
We can setup a customized funneling system for you for enquiries evaluation.
We also have a standard funneling system, that you may find useful.
Maintain Data about Products, Competitors etc.
Print Quotations.

Improsys CRM Software Post-Sales - Manage Service Call, Service Requests & Feedback

Print Product Delivery and Installation Reports.
Manage Service Calls and Customer Complaints.
Assignments of Calls, Customer Complaint to Service Engineers.
Service Reports of Service Engineers Visits to Customers.
Manage observations, Findings, suggestions, material / parts requirement to solve the problem.
Manage Customer Feedback related to service visits.
Invoices and Recovery Followup Management.

CRM Software Facility for Printing of Various Formats

Tax Invoices
Proforma Invoices
Sales / Customer Orders
With our CRM Solution you can configure the printing of the above document to a good extent. You can use Plain Paper / Letterhead.

Web Based CRM Software in Pune

Improsys has web based version of the CRM Software. You can access your CRM Solution from anywhere anytime.

Other Features of CRM Solution

Sales Team Administration.
Measure / compare performance of sales team over a period of time.
Managing Daily Sales Report.
Expenses Tracking and Recovery.

Customized CRM Software by Improsys - Pune

CRM Software for your company must be unique. Compatible with the ways you have followed till date to manage the marketing and sales process. Your company is unique, culture is unique, products and services are unique, working methods are unique. You have carefully developed your own unique strategies and methods that work for your own situation. You need a CRM Software which will not change the fundamental good points and improve them. Why to adopt the methods that are not useful to you ? Only a customized CRM Software can do this.

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