A system of continuous supply of components, parts and supplies, such that workers have what they need, where they need it, when they need it. The word Kan means "card" in Japanese and the word "ban" means "signal". So Kanban refers to "signal cards". Kanban is an approach to scheduling work.
Kanban is an essential Lean implementation tool. The Kanban system is a way of synchronizing the material and information flow of disconnected processes to enable Just in Time production.
Kanban is very important for the smoother workflow in the organization. It balances the supply of material according to the damand.
Kanbans are used to control material and information movement and production execution through the pull system. Kanbans are signals or visual controls that trigger events in organizations.

Kanban system is among the most simple, effective and inexpensive means for manufacturing production and inventory control.
Kanban helps to avoid errors in the organization and balances the flow of material through the organization.

Improsys's methodology is based on action learning model and real time project implementation.
The Improsys's Kanban Program give participants basics of Kanban, its techniques and how to implement it in the organization for effective results.
Who should attend Kanban Courses....
1) Any individual who wish to learn Kanban and its tools.
2) Any individual who wish to implement real time project.

Improsys offers following..

What is Kanban?
Benefits of Kanban.
Methodology & Tools of Kanban.
Case Studies of Kanban.
Kanban Training in Pune.
Online Kanban Training Program.
Send Online Kanban Enquiry.
Kanban Implementation


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