Billing Software :

Specifications of Billing Software :

1. Customer Management:

a. New Customer Master Creation.
b. Edit existing Customers.
c. Add Multiple addresses of customer.
d. Add Multiple Contact Details of customer.
e. Define Tax structure applicable for customer.
f. Define Customers Excise, VAT Registration numbers.
g. Facility to define customer item codes and price list for customer
h. City wise customers report
i. State wise customer report
j. Sales person wise customer report

2. Item Management:

a. New Item master creation.
b. New Item Group master creation.
c. New Item category master creation.
d. New Item specification master creation.
e. Item category vs. Specification master entry.
f. Facility to define fixed and variable specification for Item.
g. Facility to define standard pricing for items.
h. Facility to view item details on screen

3. Work flow Management:

a. On login pending list of documents for a day will be displayed.
b. Urgent list of documents on which no action taken in last week are displayed.
c. Status wise list of documents displayed on dashboard.
d. Facility to update status, next due date and notes in dashboard.
e. Facility to update status, next due date and notes in dashboard.

4. Invoice Management:

a. New Invoice creation.
b. Auto address from customer master.
c. Facility to update ,add, remove existing addresses for Invoice.
d. Auto contact from Customer master.
e. Facility to update ,add, remove existing contacts for Invoice.
f. Facility to update internal and external notes.
g. Facility to upload documents for Invoice.
h. Facility to provide multiple references for item.
i. Facility to add multiple items in Invoice.
j. Auto addition of specifications from Item master.
k. Facility to update /delete specifications for Invoice.
l. Facility to add new specification in Invoice.
m. Facility to add tax structure for item.
n. Facility to upload documents for each item.
o. Facility to add multiple notes for item.
p. Facility to send generated quotation on email to all contacts defined for Invoice.
q. Facility to send SMS alerts on mobile to all contacts defined for Invoice.
r. Facility to print and reprint Invoice document.
s. MIS Report:
1. Customer wise Invoice report.
2. Item wise Invoice report.
3. Date wise Invoice report.
4. Status wise Invoice report.
5. Sales person wise Invoice report.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP or Server.
Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0.
IIS Server 5.1
Microsoft Office 2000 (or higher)/ SQL Server 2000.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.
Pentium IV (or higher).
RAM 2048 MB
Graphic 1024768/True color(24-bit).

Network Configuration:

Internet Connectivity 256 KBPS Broadband/
Lease line (Depending on Number of Users)


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Ground floor, Akurdi, Pune-411035, Maharashtra, India.
Contact: Mobile:9922066745 / 7720022233