Statistical Quality Control Implementation

Statistical Quality Control (SQC) is the term used to describe the set of statistical tools used by quality professionals. SQC is used to analyze the quality problems and solve them.
Statistical quality control refers to the use of statistical methods in the monitoring and maintaining of the quality of products and services.
All the tools of SQC are helpful in evaluating the quality of services. SQC uses different tools to analyze quality problem.
1) Descriptive Statistics
Descriptive Statistics involves describing quality characteristics and relationships.
2) Statistical Process Control (SPC)
SPC involves inspect random sample of output from process for characteristic.

a) Responsibilities
b) Preliminary Engineering Activities
c) Control Chart Preparation
d) Standardized the Document
e) Engineering Notification
f) Changing Control Limits.
g) Review & Approve Process.
h) Archiving of Data and Charts.
j) Computerized Control Charts.
k) Training

3) Acceptance Sampling

Acceptance Sampling involve batch sampling by inspection.
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Statistical Quality Control Implementation

Objective of Statistical Quality Control
Quality Control is very important for a every company. Quality control includes service quality given to customer, company management leadership, commitment of management, continuous improvement, fast response, actions based on facts, employee participation and a quality driven culture.
The main objectives of the quality control module are to control of material reception, internal rejections, clients, claims, providers and evaluations of the same corrective actions are related to their follow-up. These systems and methods guide all quality activities. The development and use of performance indicators is linked, directly or indirectly, to customer requirements and satisfaction, and to management.

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