The goal of manufacturing is to produce value-added products in a timely manner, which is free of defects. Poke Yoke is applied in fundamental areas. The main objective of Poka Yoke is to achieve zero defects.
It is used to create a system that prevents defects from occurring, and it used as a system to catch defects, which have just occurred and prevent them from continuing through the system.
Poka-yoke helps people and processes work right the first time. Poka-yoke refers to techniques that make it impossible to make mistakes. These techniques can drive defects out of products and processes and substantially improve quality and reliability.
The basic concept of this is avoiding the problems by correcting the process. Poka yoke is implemented by using simple objects like fixtures, jigs, gadgets, warning devices, paper systems, and the like to prevent people from committing mistakes, even if they try to! No defective part will be passed to the next process. So at the end of the process you can trust that you have a good quality parts on your hand. Poka yoke is one of the critical steps in the lean journey.

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Improsys's Pokayoke course is highly effective in helping organizations reduce and eliminate defects in product or process in the most effective way.
Improsys's methodology is based on action learning model and real time project implementation. We believe in practical knowledge rather than theory only.
The Improsys's Poka Yoke Program give participants how Poka Yoke works and how to implement it in the organization for effective results.

Who should attend Poka Yoke Courses....
1) Any individual who wish to learn Pokayoke and its tools.
2)Any individual who wish to implement real time project.


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