Kaizen is a process of stepwise improvement. It focuses on implementing continuous change over time. The Japanese word KAIZEN means improvement. Kaizen is a popular word in industry, worldwide, to claim practicing innovative management methods.
KAIZEN represents Work culture. KAIZEN represents for gradual improvement in day today work practices. KAIZEN encompasses methodology of PDCA cycle. PDCA cycle means Plan - Do - Check - Act. The focus is on Employee Involvement.
Kaizen concentrates at improving the process rather than at achieving certain results. Every company employee is encouraged to come up with ideas. Successful Kaizens help build a Lean culture and measurably improve company performance.
Kaizen method consists of 5 basic founding element
1) Teamwork
2) Personal Discipline
3) Improved Morale
4) Quality Circles
5) Suggestions for Improvement

Improsys provides
What is Kaizen?
Benefits of Kaizen.
Methodology & Tools of Kaizen.
Case Studies of Kaizen.
Kaizen Training in Pune
Online Kaizen Training Program.
Send Online Kaizen Enquiry.
Kaizen Implementation.

Improsys's training program gives participants the knowledge required to implement kaizen and tools to improve continuously in future.
Improsys's methodology is based on action learning model and real time project implementation.
The Improsys's Kaizen Program give participants basics of Kaizen, its techniques and how to implement it in the organization for effective results.
Who should attend Kaizen Courses
1) Any individual who wish to learn JIT and its tools.
2)Any individual who wish to implement real time project.


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