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Consultancy in Quality Assurance, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Business Developement, KAIZEN, 5S, POKA YOKE

"Improsys is Business Process Improvement Company. Improsys has special focus on Improvement in Systems. Our expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, 5S, Project management, System analysis and Industrial Engineering help our clients to achieve continuous improvement in their supply chain. "

About Improvement Team of Improsys: We have team of Consultants/ Black Belts/Green Belts, who has carried out breakthrough improvements in the areas of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Supply Chain, Cost Reduction and Business Development.

Our experts in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing carry out various Quality Training, 6 Sigma Training, Black Belt Training, Green Belt Training, Master Black Belt Training, Lean Training and Lean Manufacturing Training.

The key strength of our consultants is effective Knowledge transfer through proper mix of training and implementation, which helps our clients to strengthen their internal consultant’s skills and capabilities.

Methodology of Process Improvement:

Our consultants carry out value stream mapping of entire supply chain with objective of cost reduction along with improvement of Quality Levels across business processes.

The detailed analysis of Value added and Non-value added activities is done by keeping in mind the practical business constraints. The opportunities for process improvement are identified and prioritized based on Business Goals.

The organization wide Lean Six Sigma Implementation is initiated. The DMAIC and DFSS methodology from Six sigma are adopted to achieve breakthrough improvements in business problems across supply chain.

Client’s employees are trained for either for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification or for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. The training for Black Belt and Green Belt Courses is provided through Internet enabling the employees to learn Six sigma at their own pace/convenience from their office or from home.

Concepts from Lean, Kaizen, Project Management, 5S, Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, Operation Research, Industrial Engineering, NLP, TRIZ, Psychology are deployed to ensure results of Cost Reduction, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

It is the constant discontent and craving that has taken us to where we are today. It has forced us to continuously raise our own benchmarks, thereby helping us stay ahead of the competition. Success is what keeps us going; Success is what we keep going for. None of us are as good as all of us together. We realize that together we can achieve more than what we can as individuals