Customer Relationship Management software from Improsys :

Definition of Small Business CRM

Small busines CRM or Customer Relationship Management used to describe a lightweight business management software that is designed to meet the needs of a small business.

How can CRM work for small business ?

While many consider that CRM systems are only effective for larger enterprises with big teams to handle implementation, updates, reporting and analysis, there are actually small business CRM systems available which, while being less complex, are designed to effectively manage the core facets required of smaller businesses. In fact, CRM is invaluable for smaller businesses in that it allows them to run larger operations without the need for extra personnel. In particular, CRM offers effective solutions for wholesale, distribution and manufacturing and can cover:

Project Management / finance.
Inventory Management.
Sales/Order Management.
Customer Relationship Management.
Human Resource / Payroll.

Improsys CRM Key Differentiators

CRM offered by Improsys address the business need of
The most comprehensive CRM software Modular Sales Start with minimum Modules and add-up as required.
An adaptable CRM software for growing Business needs.
CRM as your software than as a product.