Customer Relationship Management software from Improsys :

CRM Software Solution

CRM designed by Improsys addresses basic questions, which are never been addressed by Software Professionals.
We design the way of working for your organization so that the Organizations objectives are met. We use Software technology as a tool to record, monitor and control utilization of various resources in your organization.

The Right Solution ?

As Small and Medium Enterprises have very few key decision makers.
All decision regarding key input resources are taken by few persons.
Due to business requirements these key persons are required to be on move.
Absence of key person makes it difficult to continue plant operation in critical problems.
The CRM system, which could work on Internet, could help in such problems.
Our CRM can make information available to authorized key persons anywhere.
We offers the right solution where Resource utilization data wherever is needed.
Improsys CRM can be hosted on web and can be accessed with authorized user logins.

Right information at Right Time to Right Person.

CRM offered by Improsys address the business need of
Lead generation and Follow-up Tracking.
Efficient dealing with the customer and increase the customer satisfaction.
Ensuring that the Systems drive the execution of Business plan.
All the details in CRM system is kept centralized which is available anytime.