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Online Kaizen Training

  Program Overview:

 KAIZEN is Japanese word. In simple words ' Kaizen ' means continuous improvement.

 KAIZEN represents Work culture. KAIZEN represents for gradual improvement in day today work practices.

 KAIZEN encompasses methodology of PDCA cycle. PDCA cycle means Plan- Do- Check � Act. The focus is on Employee Involvement.

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      Our approach to developing Kaizen is based on an Action Learning Model.

      This model combines online instruction with real-time project implementation and training.

      The course-training syllabus of 5S is designed to achieve real time Improvements, Cost reduction, Quality improvements in Processes.

Course Content:

Topic 1. Methodology and Tools in KAIZEN

             Objective: Improvement in Work Culture of Industry.

Topic 2. Total Quality Management- TQM

             Objective: For Quality Improvement in all functional processes, people and products.

Topic 3: POKA-YOKE.

             Objective: For journey towards zero defect work culture.

Topic 4: SMED.

             Objective: For improving on time delivery and cycle time reduction.

Topic 5: Just In time.

             Objective: For Inventory Reduction.

Topic 6: 5S.

             Objective: For Productivity Improvement at workstations

Topic 7. Value Analysis.

             Objective: Cost reduction with Quality Improvement.

Topic 8. Total Productive Maintenance- TPM.

             Objective: For improving utilization of resources.

Topic 9: Problem solving Tools.

             Objective: For result oriented implementation of KAIZEN.

Topic 10: Introduction to Lean Manufacturing, Theory of constraints and Six sigma etc.


    Online Final Examination.


     Two Practical Project Assignments.


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