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Benefits of Statistical Quality Control

1) It provides a means of detecting error at inspection.

2) It leads to more uniform quality of production.

3) It improves the relationship with the customer.

4) It reduces inspection costs.

5) It reduces the number of rejects and saves the cost of material.

6) It provides a basis for attainable specifications.

7) It points out the bottlenecks and trouble spots.

8) It provides a means of determining the capability of the manufacturing process.

9) It promotes the understanding and appreciation of quality control.

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Improsys's strategic approach to problems make us understand the root causes of problems and helps our customer to come up with a long lasting and effective solution.

With our expertise in understanding the business and its all aspects we provide solutions that will satisfy our customers deeply. Improsys has successfully implemented the quality control solutions in various organizations.

Objective of Statistical Quality Control

Quality Control is very important for a every company. Quality control includes service quality given to customer, company management leadership, commitment of management, continuous improvement, fast response, actions based on facts, employee participation and a quality driven culture.

The main objectives of the quality control module are to control of material reception, internal rejections, clients, claims, providers and evaluations of the same corrective actions are related to their follow-up. These systems and methods guide all quality activities. The development and use of performance indicators is linked, directly or indirectly, to customer requirements and satisfaction, and to management.

Our Solution for Statistical Quality Control

Improsys has identified problems and understand the root causes of problems and to come out of these problems we have effective solution named ERP Software.

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